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    In today’s revolutionary era in Information Technology and computer applications, a highly complex and challenging business environment has resulted to all organizations in their different fields. Organizational success became highly correlated to organizations capability to cope with accelerating advancement and changes in information technology and computers, especially in communication and decision making. And who would initiate and carry on these changes and advancements but their organizational members
    Labor market in the Arab World is striving for qualified individuals to take the lead of organizations in use and acquiring advanced technology effectively
    On this basis and in alignment with our vision, it is our pleasure in Arab Open University to offer an academic program of Bachelor degree in Information Technology & computing
    A program offered in affiliation with Open University – UK and in the light of Arab Open University philosophy and goals. This program aims at qualifying students and improving their skills with advanced practical competencies in Information & Communication technologies, computers hardware and software design and preparation. This program is offered in English Language

    Admission Requirements
    Admission requirements in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology & Computing (ITC) should be satisfied by following
    Prospective student shall present ICGS degree or an equivalent degree that is accredited by ministry of Education in Kingdom of Bahrain
    Provision of other official documents required upon admission application
    ICGS degree or equivalent degree shall be in a science or industrial major

    Fields of Profession
    This program qualifies prospect students to complete Bachelor degree in Information Technology & Computing in different fields including: Software development, Internet network development, Front Pages’ design, Security Software design, and other. Never the less, this program enables graduates to pursue graduate studies in related fields

    Program Plan
    Student shall be awarded with Bachelor degree in completion of 131 credit hours successfully in the following manner
    (18) Credit hours of general requirements
    (9) Credit hours of elective requirements
    (104) Credit hours of compulsory requirements

    Student shall score a GPA of at least 2.00 out of 4.00
    The student can complete graduation requirements in 4 years in case of passing 32 credit hours in each academic year


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