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    The Department of Students’ Affairs at the Arab Open University is an important component of the University that is dedicated to helping students reach success, and this through involving them in different activities outside the classroom, and by helping, them establish connections between the classroom experiences with parts of their lives. We also support all students and help them explore and experience all aspects of the university life and we give them the opportunities to become active members of the university and the society. In addition, the Department seeks to implement the university’s policies and work on providing the appropriate social and psychological environment to promote the students’ learning

    The functioning of Guidance and Advising field aims to assist students in the following

    . Helping students to adapt to the Open University system
    . Constantly raising awareness on how to avoid problems
    . Knowing how to deal with problems and overcome them
    . Knowing how to take advantage of their own will and abilities
    . Applying the useful studying strategies and ways to raise their own academic achievement

    This field works on providing guidance and advice on students’ conduct and applying the disciplinary bylaws and procedures when needed

    The functioning of Student Activities and Programs field aims to provide a favourable social atmosphere for the students to build up strong social connections, and directing their interests and making use of their capabilities and talents. The main roles of this field are as follows
    1Organising an induction program (Orientation Day Program), in coordination with all administrative and academic departments at the beginning of each semester, for the new students in order to welcome them, introduce them to University educational system
    2Organizing students’ election, supervising the Student Council and the Student Committees
    3Organising cultural, scientific and sports competitions and giving the appropriate in-kind and monetary prizes and rewards
    4Coordinating with universities and institutes and encourage them to take part in the students’ events and activities
    5Coordinating with governmental and private bodies to provide the facilities that students need in order to participate in programs and activities and taking advantage of the available services such as health clubs and playgrounds
    6Making use of the students’ abilities in order to contribute to the organization of student programs and activities

    The functioning of the Student services field aims to provide services that meet the students’ needs, and facilitate the study procedures at the university as follows
    1Meeting students and helping them through answering their queries
    2Solving the students’ problems raised over the phone, the complaint system, e-mail, the appeal system, or the complaints and suggestions box
    3Issuing university cards
    4Communicating with students through social media to inform them of the up-to-date student activities and programs
    5Providing the necessary services during the examination period through the publication of instructions and guidance, which help students to adapt and reduce stress. The department also works in cooperation with the examination department to meet the students’ needs during the examination period
    6Organizing a peer education program through motivating high achieving students to use their potentials to help their low-achieving peers
    7Providing students with any possible assistance and this with the support of the concerned
    bodies inside and outside the university
    8Providing grants and scholarships to the needy and the distinguished students as stated in the
    university by-laws
    9Assisting students with disabilities to ensure their access to the appropriate facilities and services while studying at the University
    10Participating in the organisation of the graduation ceremony
    Moreover, we take into consideration the students' suggestions and observations about the required student services that are raised during meetings or through questionnaires and the suggestion box

    One of the most important tasks that the department adhere to is the implementation of the codes of conduct in the University and making sure that everyone is abiding by them. Any breaching of the University’s laws, regulations, and bylaws and any conduct that breaches the University's norms and traditions shall be deemed an offense. Such offenses include mainly the following
    1Any act that is incompatible with honour, dignity, or that which breaches good conduct inside or outside the University
    2Actions that result in inflicting harm to the University’s property
    3Disruption of tutorials, exams, or incitement to do so, or to refrain from performing academic and other related University activities
    4Any attempt to procure or leak exam questions, or cover up those attempting to do so
    5Organizing gatherings or non-academic meetings within the University, without prior approval of the University’s concerned authority
    6Distribution of leaflets, or the issuance of bulletins, in any form, or collecting signatures for any purpose without the approval of the University’s administration
    7Any sit-in within the University campus or participation in demonstrations or gatherings that are deemed contrary to public order or public morals in the country of the Branch
    8Publication that offends the University's reputation or its employees, or reporting false information to the administrators of the University or the Branch
    9Assault by word or action, or both on any of the University’s faculty member, employees, students, or guests
    10Any impersonation of others in any matter related to the University and its affairs
    11Carrying or use of licensed or unlicensed firearms and sharp instruments

    In case of verification of any of the offenses listed above concerning a student’s conduct, one or more of the following penalties shall be applicable
    1Written notice
    2Written warning
    3Final written warning
    4Failing the course
    5Dismissal from the University for one semester, subsequent to the semester in which the offense took place
    6Dismissal from the University for more than one semester subsequent to the semester in which the offense took place
    7Final dismissal from the University

    A penalty may be inflicted without abiding by the sequence enlisted above and this depends on the nature of each case


    The Campus support services provided by the University for the students with special needs are regarded as an essential and indispensable element because they are genuine rights of these students. These services are meant to enable such students acquire the appropriate education as their fellow students. There is no doubt that the students with special needs at the University have needs that require the availability of special services and facilities without which they would not be able to succeed socially and academically at the university. Therefore, the University is working on improving the quality of the services provided to the students with special needs enrolled in it

    Office Hours
    Starting from Sunday to Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 P.m

    In Person
    Aali Area, Building 890, Road 3220, Block 732
    Office No: Second Floor (SF – 027)
    Arab Open University-Kingdom of Bahrain

    (+973) -17407204 or (+973) – 17407077 Ext. 619
    (+973) -17407190 or (+973) – 17407077 Ext. 611

    (+973) -17402548

    Electronic Mail E-Mail
    [email protected]

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